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Posted by Smart Education Charitable Foundation. (October 15, 2021)

The 14th English Radio Drama Competition for Schools

Would you like your students to write the play script of a radio programme, showcase their talents and perform a creative English Radio Drama LIVE in front of audience?

We are extremely proud to write to you and invite your school to participatein our 14th English Radio Drama Competition for Schools. Last year, over 400 teams participated in our Radio Drama Competition. We were overwhelmed by the positive responses from the participating schools. This year, we are extremely excited to inform you that the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) continues to sponsor our Radio Drama Competition! We also had to thank all the students that participated in last year’s competition, despite all the difficulties we faced during the COVID-19 pandemic! We had our Radio Drama Competition online for the very first time!

Through this competition, your students will experience the magic of sound and the creativity of their voices. Students can learn and enjoy the fun of script-writing and acting; they can also develop team spirit, improve English language skills and build their confidence in expressing themselves in English. It will certainly be a marvelous learning experience for them.

The participants will be divided into two levels, primary and secondary. The shortlisted teams from each level will be invited to showcase their talents and perform their English Radio Drama LIVE. NO participation fee is needed in this competition, thanks to the generous support from our sponsors, including SCOLAR, Educational Testing Service (ETS), EF English Centers, KEA Learning International Ltd, etc. The final competition and prize-giving ceremony will tentatively be held in May 2022.

If you are interested in joining our Radio Drama Competition, please complete the enclosed application form, then either fax or email it to us at your earliest convenience. For more details about this competition, please visit our website Should you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 2851 3822 or email us at Look forward to hearing from you real soon.

Participating teams can choose from the following themes for this year’s radio drama competition:
1. Our new normal
As the coronavirus pandemic has been sweeping across the world, we have entered into the era of “the new normal” without realising it. At present, masks and hand sanitisers have become the necessities for all of us. Students have to make use of online self-learning platforms, and people have to work from home and are advised to minimise social gatherings. Facing these various restrictions, how can people adapt to such new style of life through breakthroughs and innovations? Look back or ahead, create a radio drama about “the new normal” and share with us.
2. In Unchartered Waters
Have you ever pondered whether the “Peach Blossom Island” and the “Death Valley” mentioned in television dramas and those mysterious treasure caves appeared in games really exist? Have you tried to step out of your comfort zone to search for your inner self and explore the meaning of life? If you possess the desire to dive in uncharted waters, inspiration to create a new life and even determination to create a new world, please express your thoughts or ideas in this radio drama.
3. It’s the little things that count
Lu Xun, one of China’s greatest writers, wrote a piece of writing titled “A small incident” to praise a person of grassroots for his great nobility and reflect on the apathy and the suspicious mind of intellectuals at the time. Even though the story written by the author described a small incident, the incident had far-reaching implications for him. In your life, have your ever experienced some small incidents, however insignificant they may seem, which have profound impact on you? Create and share an interesting radio drama with us using your boundless creativity!

Students will be inspired to practice and improve their English language learning skills, take pride in showing off their expression in teams to create amazing radio drama programs!

ELIGIBILITY TO ENTER: Students attending full-time schools in Hong Kong are eligible to enter the competition. Students can form a team of no more than 5 members and submit a 5-minute play script of a radio drama program with the above theme. Teams will represent their school, and each school can have more than one team to participate. Each team can only submit one entry for the competition. Teams entering the second phase of the competition will be asked to record their radio drama program in mp3 format and submit to us before the deadline.
P.1 to P.6
S.1 to S.6
January 21, 2022 (Fri) Deadline of application
February 25, 2022 (Tue) Phase 1- Script submission deadline
* Please email your scripts to or fax to 2851 8422
March 22, 2022 (Tue) Phase 2 - Announcement of the 30 semifinalists (15 from each level)
* The lists will be announced on
April 2022 (TBD) Workshop on Script Writing and Voice Training for the semifinalists
April 25, 2022 (Mon) Phase 2- Deadline of the radio drama submission
* Submit a 5-minute radio drama in MP3 format with the script online
* Please email your audio file to
May 3, 2022 (Tue) Announcement of the finalist
* 5 teams from each division will perform their radio drama live for a panel of adjudicators and audience
* The lists will be announced on
Phase 3- Vote for the most popular drama online (May 5 - May 16, 2021)
* The radio dramas will be uploaded to the website allowing the public to vote for the “Most Popular Performance Award” till May 16, 2022 (Monday) at 12:00 noon at
Late May 2022
(Date and venue TBD)
Final Competition and Prize Giving Ceremony

  1. Each team shall not submit more than one script.
  2. Teams must consist of no more than 5 students. Members of a team must be of the same level as listed.
  3. Any entries with obscene, violent, malicious or discriminatory elements or involving publicity of or advocating any persons or groups and illegal and unlawful act shall be disqualified.
  4. Play scripts must be of original content, and materials taken from pre-existing scripts by writers who are not part of the group are prohibited. Entrants who fail to comply will be disqualified.
  5. Entrants will be solely responsible for the content and any violations of copyright as a result of posting it.
  6. Entries will not be returned to the contestants.
  7. The organiser has the right to use, broadcast, share or re-use all entries of the competition.
  8. Participation in the competition will constitute the participants’ consent to the organiser’s use of the participants’ names, likeness, voices, opinions, photos, scripts, audio, video, performance and information for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide; or authorisation for other parties to use and edit the above materials for educational purposes or publicity, without further payment or notification.
  9. The organizer shall own the intellectual property rights of all entries.
  10. Extra certificates will not be given to any replacement members of a team.
  11. The decision of the adjudicators regarding the competition results shall be final. Entrants shall have no right to raise objections. The organiser reserves the right to make final decisions on all aspects of the competition.

  • Gold Award with HK$2,000 Cash Coupon
  • Silver Award with HK$1,500 Cash Coupon
  • Bronze Award with HK$1,000 Cash Coupon
  • Merit Award
  • Best Performer Award
  • Most Popular Performance Award

  • Content
  • 40%
  • Use of language and grammar
  • 20%
  • Creativity in story plot and character development
  • 20%
  • Expressiveness
  • 20%

  • Content
  • 20%
  • Creativity in story plot and character development
  • 10%
  • Narrative skills
  • 10%
  • Expressiveness
  • 20%
  • Use of articulations
  • 10%
  • Voice projection
  • 10%
  • Thoughtful use of sound effects
  • 10%
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • 10%

    Highlights from previous years’ English Radio Drama Competition:

    Enquires: Please contact us at 2851 3822 if you have any enquiries.

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